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Higher purpose for the site

We are in the process of getting girls signed on to the site and this is getting to be a bit of work for us and it was not as easy as first expected (a note to those who think making a site like ours will be cakewalk). I saw a Ted speech about how to get the most work out of employees (people I should say) and there were three key things. They were: autonomy, higher purpose, and mastery (I believe the speaker was a guy named Dan Pink and here it the link). The one I want to discuss here is “higher purpose.” The higher purpose for our site is to provide for the lonely guys that we will be helping to have them chat, message and eventually (possibly) meet real women instead of porn surfing. We want to help girls in Ukraine find real men that can provide real happiness, and this is beyond just the financial, we wish to see people in true, loving and giving relationships! We would also help managers have jobs in a country where they are struggling.  So our purpose is to really help all of the people that are involved in the site in all the ways that we, together with technology, can help. Sure we will make a little profit along the way but if we focus in on giving value and helping all of those involved then we will have a better chance at overcoming obstacles because we are united on a higher purpose.

Slowly but surely we are building some traffic. .

We are steadily building our network here to get some traffic coming to our site. We’ve set up the three main social social media sites:  Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and we’ve also set up two blogs that support the site: this one and The blog is a blog that we try to give free Ukranian dating tips so this is very informative for those that want to find out more on international dating and it has an emphasis to those seeking Ukranian women. We also did some SEO and an pleasant surprise was that we are now actually starting to have some visitors. We are focused in now on getting the girls to sign up because right now they are there aren’t any girls listed on the site and that may have visitors turned off. In launching a new site certain things have to be in sync: you want to have the product, the customers, and the marketing all progressing along relatively at the same time. Once we have a nice list of girls, and we start to have signups we can go back to develop some nice features on the site.

At any rate, we seem to be doing pretty well so far.  Stay tuned.

Benefits to having to buy credits

I think there is an old saying that you can only appreciate as much as what you put in. There is a benefit to our site requiring purchase of credits to send messages and chats to the Ukrainian girls and it’s that compared to other singles dating sites the girls are not assaulted with a ton of emails. Having talked to a lot of girls who have tried singles dating sites one of the biggest setbacks of being on there is that they are constantly bombarded with cut and paste messages from all the creeps that almost feel like spam. On our site having to pay for those messages the users will appreciate and put more thought into each message and girls will know that you put in the time, the effort, and some change so they will appreciate those messages also. This leads us to be more authentic in our communications through the site and encourages every message being sent out to be tailored to a particular girl.  Love shouldn’t involve cookie cutting

One step closer to launch

We are now ready to have the manager submit the girls’ profile info and  upload their images. We just had to expand on the types of data that we are collecting on the site: we just needed to add the level of English that they spoke, their address and their phone number. Once the listing of Ukrainian girls are in place then I’d say our site is ready to actually have visitors come on this site and see what kind of girls that we have. It’s pretty much an open store at that point because it’s still going to take a  few trips before they sign up anyway.

I’m trying to get to this start up’s proof of concept which is a level where we can say that people are actually signing up on a certain level of marketing that was put in,  and seeing that the idea actually works.  In theory the idea is great, but there are competition and reality and theory are two different things.  I’d say all the bells and whistles of this site could actually wait until we have some transactions going on because no use in building a feature full site when we struggle to get any sign ups after we’ve exhausted our marketing efforts.


Pricing for more credits, and ensuring quality Ukranian girls

So we are still sticking with our pricing structure that we decided on earlier which comes down to about $5 per email and $2.50 for every chat message and if they want to buy more credits then the pricing will stay the same, which means they will be paying another $30 for a block of credits that’s good for the same amount of emails or messages.

As far as quality controlling on the girls in Ukraine (and making sure that they are real) we will be making periodic calls to the girls so that we know they’re real and not a dude on the other end.  We will be having a contract signed with them along with keeping records of their information such as phone number and address.

Users of the site have to be aware that periodically we will be reviewing messages on  their inbox,  outbox, and chat messages.  This is to strictly to ensure that the quality of the site remains high with quality girls.

Proposed pricing for the site

We would like to keep the fee structure simple  but unfortunately each email needs to be translated by a translator and that could incur costs to us if it wasn’t managed some how.

Messages need to go from from English to Ukrainian and then back from Ukrainian to English on each email communication so we do need to charge for this. And of course us being gentlemen we wouldn’t ask the Ukrainian girls to pay right?

We would like to offer a monthly fee that includes a set number of messaging credits that can be used on either chat or email.  We have not finalized pricing but as of now we could do 29.99 each month for keeping the membership active and it’ll include approximately 6 emails or 12 chat messages (each message being 150 or so characters).  If we decide that is worth 300 credits the credit costs would be 50 credits per email or 25 credits per chat message.

Preventing scam with a rigid interviewing system

This morning I think we finalized the general flow for how we are going to be getting the girls on to our site using what we call managers. Managers are those working for us in the countries like Ukraine that advertise the site for us and get girls interested in enlisting. The problem with managers in Ukraine and other poorer countries is that a some of them might try scamming us and this is where a lot of the scam arises on other “major” international dating sites. To minimize the scam for the benefit of the user, us, and everyone involved, we are going to thoroughly investigate and quality check the girls that are signing up. This includes getting passport documents and actually having an interview either in person or through Skype with the girls so that managers aren’t just listing pictures of pretty girls that they could get from the internet.

Rest assured that you will be talking to real Ukrainian girls on this site!