Higher purpose for the site

We are in the process of getting girls signed on to the site and this is getting to be a bit of work for us and it was not as easy as first expected (a note to those who think making a site like ours will be cakewalk). I saw a Ted speech about how to get the most work out of employees (people I should say) and there were three key things. They were: autonomy, higher purpose, and mastery (I believe the speaker was a guy named Dan Pink and here it the link). The one I want to discuss here is “higher purpose.” The higher purpose for our site is to provide for the lonely guys that we will be helping to have them chat, message and eventually (possibly) meet real women instead of porn surfing. We want to help girls in Ukraine find real men that can provide real happiness, and this is beyond just the financial, we wish to see people in true, loving and giving relationships! We would also help managers have jobs in a country where they are struggling.  So our purpose is to really help all of the people that are involved in the site in all the ways that we, together with technology, can help. Sure we will make a little profit along the way but if we focus in on giving value and helping all of those involved then we will have a better chance at overcoming obstacles because we are united on a higher purpose.

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