Preventing scam with a rigid interviewing system

This morning I think we finalized the general flow for how we are going to be getting the girls on to our site using what we call managers. Managers are those working for us in the countries like Ukraine that advertise the site for us and get girls interested in enlisting. The problem with managers in Ukraine and other poorer countries is that a some of them might try scamming us and this is where a lot of the scam arises on other “major” international dating sites. To minimize the scam for the benefit of the user, us, and everyone involved, we are going to thoroughly investigate and quality check the girls that are signing up. This includes getting passport documents and actually having an interview either in person or through Skype with the girls so that managers aren’t just listing pictures of pretty girls that they could get from the internet.

Rest assured that you will be talking to real Ukrainian girls on this site!

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